Friday, January 22, 2010

when you give a mouse a cookie...

you know how sometimes when you try to do something, it just snowballs?

Last night, i decided to make a batch of shortbread to bring to a potluck meal we're having with some acquaintances.

this morning, i decide that chocolate dipped shortbread would be a much nicer offering, so i go and melt a pot of chocolate

i dip all the pieces i wanted, but i still have a ton of chocolate left
do i throw it out? (c'mon... i don't even throw out food i don't like, and this is CHOCOLATE!)
no... so i decide to dip some dried apricots in it... they turn out quite nicely....
hmm... still a lot of chocolate left...
what to do?

i decide to make 'cukoo's bits' ... although i never use the same recipe twice..

so now, instead of a pan of shortbread, i have:
plain shortbread
chocolate dipped shortbread
chocolate dipped apricots (incidentally, these are very tasty!)
and about a dozen cukoo's bits cookies.

yeah... things snowballed.

but that's okay. i used up all the chocolate!!!

so, if you ever have leftover chocolate (fondue dip works too!) one way to use it up is

Cukoo's bits

leftover melted chocolate?

add to the chocolate any cereal of your choice (i use cheerios)
note: add it one handful at a time, and stir in between. once it's becoming hard to get all the bits of cereal coated, stop adding more!

drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper, and let cool.

note: you can also add nuts or rasins to the mixture if you like, just add them instead of one of the handfuls of cereal

easy peasy.

sure, you could melt chocolate specifically to make these, but there are more professional recipes out there for that... with actual measurements and such.

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