Monday, July 16, 2012

must be a blue moon. i'm posting again.

Hey there everyone (anyone?  *tap tap* is this thing on? )

regardless of readership (or lack thereof) i'm going to post a long-overdue update.

lets see.... 

family: DD finished her Grade 1 homeschooling. Did quite well, particularly with language arts.
DS is very three, and chugging slowly through potty training.
DH has required, had, and recovered from surgery on his knee. he is now back to work (and looking for something better)

Fiber: still spinning and crocheting. have been re-learning knitting, and am halfway through a pair of socks for DH. Have alpaca fiber up to the eyebrows. Anyone want to buy some?

Farm: photos to follow below, but essentially:

Rooster has hate-on for me. Ducks love me. Many baby chickens (which almost look like adults, at only 5 weeks!)
BABY alpaca! about 3 weeks old. cute as a button, but weird eyes.
Garden is doing quite well this year, except for turnips, which have all but disappeared (flea beetles are suspected)

Viking - lots of new members, preparing for Gimli. Oh man... the list i have of things i still need to do is as long as my arm!

hope everyone else is enjoying their summer and keeping out of the heat of the day!

our 5 week old chicks, going bonkers for the food in the feeder. you'd think they hadn't been fed just hours before.

baby alpaca. Named Dora. mom is brown, dad is grey. alpaca genetics are weird.

you can kindof see her odd eye coloring. the iris is jagged, rather than smooth.
male Muscovy  duck.

on our baking-apple tree. some of the crabs are starting to turn color!

small garden. corn, kale, swiss chard, etc.

large garden. squash, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, potatoes.