Thursday, January 28, 2010


i'm not entirely against new technology.... skeptical of it perhaps. i tend to take up products and ideas once they're proven... and affordable. For instance, i only got a cell phone about 3 years ago. i resisted facebook for a long time before finally succumbing to its draw.....

i've resisted the idea of an e-book as well, though i am a moderately avid reader. However, as i received a net-book computer for yule, i have become interested in finally reading a disc of Honor Harrington novels i've had for years.  i decided to download a free reader of some sort, and eventually decided on the ybook reader because it's simple, no frills (but also no advertising!)  and actually resembles a book to a reasonable degree!

now, normally, when i think of multitasking and one of the 'tasks' is crochet, the other invariably ends up being tv/movies, or sometimes listening to music, because it's physically possible to do both at the same time.

this morning i tested out the ybook reader while the kids were still asleep upstairs, and i found out that not only does it make for a comfortable read, i can also crochet a simple stitch while reading, because it's hands free! *does a little happy dance* now, i wouldn't try a complicated pattern, but the scarf i am working on was doing just fine...

Perhaps i'll actually get more reading done this way?

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