Thursday, January 21, 2010

aaand... ACTION!!!

so, here i am, starting a blog. like millions before me. boldly going where virtually everyone with much web acuity has gone before... striving into the bleak blackness of the inter-web..
doesn't it just bring a tear to your eye, and a bleating 'baaaah' to your lips?

yeah. so.
i've decided that i need to start a blog, for my own sake. to have a place to plan all the HUGE ammount of crap that's in my brain... up to and including thoughts, feelings, hopes and wishes.
oh, and some of the non-mushy stuff too... rants, bitches, and the less pristine emotions will have their place too.

so you've found my blog, be it for random interest, or because you found a pattern/recipe i've posted... or perhaps you actually know me *gasp* in real life! (hey- could happen!)
all i need to say now is..


i'll be talking about all sorts of things in the next few days, kindof introducing myself to the world... stay tuned (but don't hold your breath)

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