Tuesday, January 26, 2010

snow days 2.0 - now with more stress

So. Hubby had to go to work today. HAD to. Early this morning we started shoveling, as our snow-blower is in the shop being looked at (and nothing else, apparently). by about 10:30 we had given in and phoned some guy that will clear our drive for a moderate fee, but as we didn't know when he'd be able to show up, it was back to the shoveling (i admit, hubby did most of it... while i mostly sat on my butt indoors, watching the kids)

Fortunately, our snow removal specialist arrived by mid-afternoon, and hubby dear was able to head to work, to put in a late day and 'get stuff done'. i don't doubt it will mostly be crunching numbers, filling out forms, and replying to copious calls and emails. yik.

Unfortunately, it's too cold to take the munchkins out for more than a couple minutes, or i'd have them out rolling in the snow and sliding down the mounds of snow next to our lane.

here's hoping we don't get much more snow before the snow-blower is repaired! (crosses fingers!)

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