Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ugly but Functional

while slogging away at finishing my current WIP (work in progress) i was thinking about projects i make for myself. they usually fall into the UBF or UBW categories (that'd be ugly but functional and ugly but warm).
i usually use scrap yarn to make things for myself, and though they may work/fit just fine, i often use them as a chance to try new techniques or yarns... and they often end up as less-than-visually-appealing.

case in point is this little ... well, case.
i decided to test some of my new plastic-fabric in my serger. i had a perfect project for it- i needed a small case to put my thumb-drive in that would keep dust and crumbs out of it. aand....

as you can see, it's sitting on my WIP... a convenient place to show the design.
so... it's a serged pouch, with a snap closure. functional, but certainly falls in the UBF category.

notes for next time: when working with plastic fab in the serger, adjust tension before stitching! (duh.. i know... call me lazy)  also, use velcro for closure, as snap is too strong for the plastic fab, and will likely tear through quickly

i may post more of my 'lovely' UBF items.... or i may refrain and post NICE things i make instead. one will just have to see

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