Sunday, September 5, 2010


okay folks. It's time for me to send out a HUGE passel of blogger love for the wonderful authors of Sew Green.
They recently posted a Fantastic recipe to make your own deodorant. The link to the recipe is here.

The kicker? IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

 a single serving - one armpit worth  :D

I admit, i was skeptical. I've been off Antiperspirants for years, and have tried nearly every commercial deodorant brand out there. Most of them leave me stinky by mid-afternoon, at best! I'm pretty aware of my stink, particularly when i'm working, because i'm in an enclosed area with another person, and tend to be rather close to their head a lot of the time.

I decided to try making the recipe mostly because the author stated that it worked really well for them. My only alteration to the recipe was to switch out the bergamot oil for the anti-bacterial properties of Tea tree oil.

I've now used it for a week, and i can honestly say, it really does work! I've used it both after showering, and after a period without showering. In all cases i've been very pleased with the results. I've had NO odor issues when using it right after showering, or in the morning when showering last thing before bed. This is SO wonderful!

I'm so enthused about it, that i've been giving out samples of my original batch to friends and family, because i think everyone should give it a try.

Oh, and did i mention it's easy to make? It's mix and use. A word of caution though.... if your intended container is more on the narrow mouthed side, I'd suggest mixing it in a small bowl, then just use a spatula to put it in the container.

so all you readers, thin on the ground though you may be...if your natural deodorant isn't quite cutting it, or you _want_ to switch from an antiperspirant but are worried about stink... TRY THIS! please!  And let me know what you think!


  1. That looks really good, actually. Especially the coconut oil. :) I'll have to try this out sometime. Thanks for the link!

  2. Ha, pretty intersting actually. Considering on my last trip, I forgot mine...and the only thing the truck stop sold was Axe, at like 15 dollars a container. 15 dollars to smell like a horny 15 year old high school boy? A bit pricey if ya askme.


  3. blue faerie - it really is pretty great. you should try it some time!

    Mr Dumbasshorsetrainer - yeah... i'm not sure anyone in their right mind wants to smell like a 15yo teen.... or a juggalo?

  4. I have almost sworn off deodorant on the sole fact that female deodorant has 50% less in it than male deodorant and is 50% more in price. I am using feminine smelling man deodorant right now. How cool that you make your own.

    I've been thinking about trying this Rose Powder: