Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a quick update

it's a bit hectic around here right now, but i thought i'd let you all know how it's going:

i'm preparing for my daughter's birthday this weekend... she's having  fairy themed party, with a pinata. i hope she'll have a great time! i still need to make the cake and wrap the gifts, but i'm otherwise ready for it, which is fortunate... as i've got lots of other stuff going on!

I'm going to my first 'knit nite' with some other fibre artists tomorrow ... should be interesting...
i'm still finishing preserving... got a few things left on my plate: rosehip syrup, frozen carrots, and something with beets... my larder is looking plesantly full...

i'm working on processing a bit of wool so that i'll have a surplus of batts ready to spin over the winter... even better if i can gt a spinning wheel (it's on my wish list!)

um... .. i know there's more... i just can't think of it right now. expect another post with some pics soon....


  1. Happy birthday and a Happy Mabon to you and your daughter. :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know the giveaway is open to those out of the U.S.A. Just hope customs would not be an issue with a few seed packets in a package. hmmm. LOL. Thank you for stopping in and entering.
    I wish I had more time to learn spinning. Being that I do not, I keep seeing spin wheels for under $200 in little second hand shops. Of course if I was into it, I most likely would not see them so low price. :) Maybe I'll get into it once all my kids are in school as something productive to do in winter.

  3. Miz Farmchick: thanks for the response. I _hopefully_ have a line on some second-hand wheels, but i don't know what kind of shape they are in. Maybe i should keep my eyes on local second hand shops... though i've heard the wheels in them sell like hotcakes!