Thursday, June 17, 2010


my camera is missing in action. unfortunately that means i don't really have much urge to post, as most of my planned posts included photos. oh well.

i might as well do a 'life update'. what's going on? well, the monkeys; er i mean children, are growing by leaps and bounds, and driving me up the wall. Daughter is getting more and more kinder-ready, albeit slowly. Son is learning new words (and ways to get into mischief) every day.

I have been making slow progress on my crochet projects. i have the crochet kids play rug over half done now.
I have been crocheting wool socks for the kids for our Viking activities, as well as working on small projects.

we are currently putting together a camping event for our Reenactment group. I am excited to see how many show up, and how much we can get done as a group (and individually). hopefully this will motivate me to finish some of my ongoing sewing projects!

i've been watching the wild flowers and plants grow oh-so-fast with all this rain we've had. too bad everyone's gardens aren't doing nearly as well!

Shea (aka Lard Butt) has proven himself to be an admirable mouser, which is both good, and unfortunate that he has to be (he is a fully inside cat). I will be glad to move, and deprive him of his hunting skills.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to bake almost all the bread my family has eaten in the last month, and i hope to continue, now that i've gotten into the swing of it a bit!

well, that's it for now folks. hope all is well in your worlds. keep smiling!

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  1. Hey way to go on the bread frontier! I in essence make all the bread I eat as well, it's just that I haven't really eaten bread in a long time (and there was that month 'vacation' in there as well). Anyway, congrats on that. Hope to come out and see everyone again soon!