Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mystery project resolved!

Well, my mystery food project has been completed, and it was definitely a success! 

Candy Lemon Slices!  

I found this recipe at brownie points blog (which has lots of yummy ideas and recipes!)

i followed the recipe pretty close, only i used 5 average lemons instead of oranges

here's a bit of a photo montage of the process to get yer juices flowing (pun intended!):

day one in syrup

after a week (the color is actually the same... just the lighting is different)

slices drying on a rack 
(I dried mine on low in my oven for a few hours, then let them air dry the rest of the way)

translucent, juicy lemon sweetness!

same slice after sugaring

a few slices awaiting nibbling

Recipe results: FABULOUS!!!!!   sweet slightly juicy candied fruit, rind without excessive bitterness, and the pulp slightly syrupy within the slice, and still containing a hit of acidic juice. 
I am definitely going to be making this again, perhaps with oranges.... or cherries when they are in season.... or strawberries.. yum!


  1. Very pretty lemon slices!!! What an awesome gift they would make!!

  2. thanks :) i agree... unfortunately i'll have to make another batch if i want to gift any more.... they disappeared mighty quickly from my cupboard!