Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy spring!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their early spring... wether it is under two feet of snow, or amongst early blooms.
Here in the Canadian prairies we've got lots of grey and brown, with banks of lingering dirty white... no green in sight yet!

We celebrated Ostara on the weekend with our littles... which included lots of eggs and treats
i had prepared treat-filled cascarone-styled eggs, as well as plastic eggs for hunting. Both kids got a HUGE kick out of searching out the eggs with small baskets, then dumping them into the big basket! After everyone had breakfast we took turns opening/crushing eggs to find the treasures inside. the fillings i used included small toys, chocolate eggs, fortunes, juice-based candies, and coins for our rewards system.

The last couple days i've spent planting seeds and watching my seedlings grow.

My daughter and i planted small pots of radishes and mesclun to grown on the windowsill...
and i repotted my unidentified mint....i think it's catnip, but it could be a crossbreed
as for works in progress, i'm slowly working on a play mat for the kids.. it will be farm-centric but similar to those 'roads and cities' playmats you can buy commercially.

this is the pattern i'm using... the orange bit is the part i've finished thus far

it's quite a bit larger in real life

so what have you planned or already started for Spring? are there plants growing? plans for fresh paint? or something even more ambitious? let me know!

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  1. Wow that mat is amazing! I soo don't have the patience for that. The biggest I've done is blankets. Takes me forever too.