Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crocheting while already busy

it's just one of those things i do... i like keeping my hands busy while watching tv, while a passenger in a car... while waiting for a doctor/etc..  i am listening, honest! i DO hear ya while i'm going 'okay, only two more rows...' in my head... i may just not hear every word, that's all...

he's listening too, you just can't tell!

I've actually finished a few projects in the last couple weeks; and of course started a few more!
the bowl turned out... lopsided, but considering it was patternless and really just a trial of skill, not bad. the kids have been using it to put crayons and things in...  or as a hat (little man loves wearing weird things on his head... like plastic buckets... or underwear... yeah. he's a special boy!) I like the feel of the material it makes though, quite sturdy. think i'll try this technique with a pattern for other container shapes... they should hold up well during use.

Finished this dish towel as well.  It turned out quite nicely, and didn't use nearly as much yarn as i expected. (you can find the pattern here)

I'm also making progress on my latest sewing project... have made a few pads and pantiliners. don't think i'll make 'enough' until i've tried these out though (pics and pattern links to follow)

i started one new crochet project, and boy, is it an ambitious one for me! i've designed and started making a play mat for the kids. You know those mats you can buy with the roads and cityscapes on them? Well, i wanted to make a farm and country version, so mine is going to have fields, forest/swampland and gravel roads! i'm about 15% done, and when complete i'll post a picture of that one too!

Now most of what's on my plate, craft-wise, is actually sewing. hand sewing. whee. (i'm sure you can sense my enthusiasm!) i need to finish some Viking kit (clothing) for myself, and help hubby get some of his cut and pieced so he can work on finishing it too....  we both want to have more complete outfits for our big event in August. i'll be lucky to get one item done for myself though, as i'm sure i'll have a ton of new clothes to make for the kids (baby vikings are cute, but require frequent costume changes!)

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