Thursday, February 25, 2010

thoughts + actions = results

I've gotten to thinking about the repercussions of not only our actions, but our thoughts as well.  Was reading this page of this interesting blog and it got me to thinking. I know people that are unerringly positive, no matter what life throws at them. i also know people that can find the negative in every situation, no matter how trivial i might think it is. Most people, I'm sure, fall somewhere in the middle.  i know that recently i have been finding myself in a rut, psychologically and emotionally speaking.  The same negative thoughts and emotions seem to loop and repeat unless i force myself to stop and realize what I'm doing (no, I'm not going to give intimate details of my personal problems. This just isn't that kind of blog)

Generally speaking, though, i'm finding that being a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers living in a semi-isolated situation has over time drained me of my physical, psychological and emotional energy, and i am not having an easy go of trying to regain a balance on any of those fronts (hey, what is this balance thing? I'd be happy with a good night's sleep! )

I've been contemplating something that i can do/say to myself to create and reinforce positive thoughts and actions. I'm not sure what it'll be, but I'd be interested in others thoughts on the subject. I'm contemplating it being a meditation perhaps, something short that i can memorize and improvize on whenever i catch myself falling into an old rut.
I'm also thinking i'll do a working (read: a spell or magick) on the same general idea. might even dust off my tarot cards and start doing daily readings again to try to put things into some sort of new perspective

you never know what might happen.


  1. I read this blog with certain amazement.... it seems that the word "balance" is showing up at every turn in my life. Being a FaceBook geek, belonging to several groups, I just had a "discussion" about my thoughts on balance. I just picked up a new book, Keep Going, by Joseph Marshall III and he speaks of balance in the first chapter..... So I have been thinking about balance. A friend once told me that if you are totally balanced, you are not moving....... It is necessary to have bad things to be able to enjoy the good things. If you have too much of a good thing, it soon becomes bad. Too much sun, drought, too much rain, floods and so it goes. The idea is to take time to become quiet and grateful and move the direction you want to move to achieve happiness and love. Just a thought. :D

  2. thanks for the thoughts! i agree that perfect balance would bring stagnation, but what world could we live in that would be perfectly balanced? i know mine is never very stationary! i'd just be happy regaining my footing, and backing a bit away from that edge of the emotional abyss that a combination of lack of sleep and all other factors seem to have brought me perilously near (no, i'm not quite about to have a nervous breakdown.... but if anything bad happened right now, i can't guarantee how stable i'd end up)

    i would LOVE the time to become quiet... or any quiet. perhaps some time when the kids are bigger?