Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recipe and work in progress

here we are at the end of the week... update time!

works in progress..... well, i 'completed' the summer top i was working on... it's a pattern from lion brand. NOT pleased with the results... the model was an A cup. i am a D cup. and evidently my breasts are in a different location from hers, as my top did not fit as pictured.... too low, and very low on the sides even when adjusted. going to try to do some alterations to get it wearable... mostly adjusting the straps and adding a few rows to the sides under the armpit. will post a pic if i get it usable.

made myself a nice pair of slippers. fit really well. i will post the pattern, and a picture, when i get back home (i'm currently visiting my parents this weekend)

started a pattern for a crocheted cotton dish towel. it's a nice pattern, so we'll see how it looks when i finish it.

spending 'quality time' with my family is difficult these days, as it's either "TV" time.. and not quality time at all... or involves two preschoolers running around/over/through everything while screaming and shrieking at the top of their lungs.
not much a lovey-dovey valentines in this household, let me tell you. but it's okay... eventually the kids will get older... more mature..... maybe by the time they're twenty, if i'm lucky!

here's a great recipe from my mom's black box  (again, this is not attempting to be an obscure reference... she uses a black recipe box  too!)

mom says, " if you want to serve the sauce on rice or veggies, make sure to double the recipe" (everything but the chicken)

origin of this recipe is unknown. mom may have found it in a recipe book somewhere.

Soya Chicken Wings
1/2 cup liquid honey (if yours is solid or creamed, that's fine too)
1/2 cup soya sauce
2 tablespoons catsup (or ketchup, if you spell it that way!)
1 clove of garlic, or more to taste.
1/2 tsp powdered ginger
12 chicken wings, whole or seperated

combine first 5 ingredients in a bowl. place wings in a shallow baking dish. pour sauce over wings. bake at 375 F for 1 hour. baste and turn wings once to ensure coverage.

this recipe goes great with whole grain rice and steamed veggies. the chicken turns very dark from the sauce, nearly black! it makes a very sticky, finger-licking great sauce!

also noted in the recipe: may substitute spare ribs for wings

that's all for now folks. hope all you lovebirds got some extra snuggle time with your special people, and that you remember to call those family members and friends you love, but haven't seen in a while. 
take care! 

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