Tuesday, April 9, 2013

something to talk about

Hey everyone. i know it's been a LONG, long time, but i'm not dead yet, honest!

I thought i'd drop a note here to say that, well, i've been busy. Busy living (which is not a bad way to be, i guess!)

Lets see... to update y'all:

Life news:
Darling daughter is chugging through grade 2 curriculum
Darling son is 4, and just starting to learn his letters (yay!)
Husband has just changed jobs, and seems to be settling into the new one.

Fibre arts news:
My mom and i are trying to 'officially' start our own business. Selling fiber-y goodness.  Stay tuned for details (nothing official yet)
I've got about 8 projects on the go, and more planned (yikes!) including one with a very short time-frame (1 week left)
I'm also designing a new pattern. i'm not going to divulge any details yet, but i can say that it's something that will cover your shoulders, and that it will be a unique design (not something i got an idea from elsewhere. came from my own little head, it did!)

teaser from one of my ongoing projects  :)

Other news:
Still dreaming about spring (yes, it IS April, but we still have over a foot of snow on the ground everywhere!)
Going to start planning garden planting soon, and start some seeds.....hopefully this will be a great year!

How is your spring going?

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