Sunday, June 26, 2011

photoblog 1- yarn love

 just pics, folks. i'll caption them, but that's about all i've got time for at this exact moment...

our newest family member

my first attempt at edible-food coloring dying. the white is wool, the brown is alpaca, and the mesh bag holds angora.

the setup. used 2 sets of dye, just the green, blue and pink tablets. as the two sets were different brands, the colors were slightly different, leading to interesting color variations later.
all the dye has been added, and the yarn pressed into the dye. had to add some water to bring the level up to an acceptable point.
my drying rack full of dyed batts

a re-carded batt containing an odd  bit of dyed wool and the dyed alpaca  (the two skinny bits on the left of the photo above) plus some white wool. yes, i know it's a horrible looking batt. but as i'm planning on using it all myself, i don't worry about the slubs too much.

the batt above, spun fine.

the finished yarn, chain-plied into about 50 yards of tweedy gently-shading yarn.
two of the three matching batts i dyed, pulled into rovings

some of the same wool, spun up

the finished yarn, plied 1-dyed, 1-plain white wool. about 400 yards total, and should stripe wide stripes of color.
color is a bit off on some of these, but the best i can do what with the never-ending rain around here.

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