Saturday, January 22, 2011

Returning from Hiatus

hello again. I'm back. I've been a busy girl, just not on the blogging front. I've been crocheting and spinning a lot, as well as baking, cooking, childcare-ing, and homeschooling.

i have been enjoying the 'bounty' of my window garden (thus far 6 hot peppers and 4 small tomatoes)

 i also took part in a swap on ravelry (the swap was for Imbolc, but i've opened it early) and i thought i'd show you what i got!

 that huge ball is wool roving from a rare breed of sheep called the Coburg Fox Sheep, and the wood box is full of charcoal and incense. Such lovely stuff :D

here's a peek at a couple of my ongoing projects:
a bat-wing style shawl made with some yarn i just LOVE!

100% alpaca, spun fine. to be plied with wool.

 in other news: um... no, not really any other news. am slowly starting to re-connect with old friends locally, which is nice and a real stress relief.

hope everyone is having a safe and warm winter... take it easy!


  1. Those are some nice-looking peppers! And wow... you came out well with that swap! I should start looking at some of those swaps in the Ravelry forums. What did you exchange for those items?

  2. it was a round robin, and i sent a handmade shawl, both alpaca and shetland spinning fibers, and a bunch of canadiana goodies (she is from the US)

  3. Good to see you back! :) Those peppers look gorgeous! What kind of winter garden do you have? And can it counteract someone with a history of killing plants? :P

  4. well, the bulk of my plants are non-food (spider plants and avocado plants) which are pretty death-resistant....

    for the tomatoes and peppers, i go by the ignore and wilt rule of thumb ... generally ignore, unless the leaves start to wilt, then water heavily. for those plants, this means every 2-3 days.....