Friday, November 19, 2010

let it snow while i watch my window garden grow!

the weather. cold. blowy, and snowy. it's actually much whiter out now than when i took the picture.

my tiny pot of ground cherries

Ripening rainbow peppers

carrot tops. i'm experimenting to see if i can get them to produce seed without a full root.

green tomatoes

chili peppers
not pictured: spider plants, baby pines, avacado plants, lavender, geraniums.

it may only be a little, food-wise, but my indoor garden really keeps me from going nuts in the white months (and, since those total up to about *counts on fingers*... 6, sometimes 7 months.... that's a lot of preserved sanity!)


  1. What a neat little garden! I struggle to keep my indoor plants alive in winter. Are you using additional lights? (I find outdoor light through the window doesn't always cut it this time of year...)

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. It is taking me forever to get back to everyone, but I appreciated your note. I seem to remember you were doing a wool washing experiment when I met you? How did that come out? I'm curious! It was wonderful meeting you in Neepawa. :)

  2. i don't _specifically_ light additionally, but they are right in a south facing window, and directly above them is a bank of fluorescent lights that light my living room, so they get a little extra all evening :)