Saturday, August 21, 2010

preserving your produce....

Well, i'm in the midst of a canning and preserving craze right now.  It's completely appropriate for the season, fortunately, otherwise i'd look even crazier than normal ;)

So far in the craziness i have put up:
3 batches of apple butter (one of them raspberry crabapple)
2 batches of crabapple juice
2 batches of apple sauce
one batch of blueberry jam
one batch of blueberry syrup

and that's over about the last week

on today's docket is/has been:
rack crabapple mead into carboy
make juices for jelly (crabapple, chokecherry, blueberry, hawthorn)
make jam from said juice
freeze apples for future use
go pick hazelnuts
make and can apple-chokecherry juice
make pear jam

and any spillover that doesn't get done, gets done tomorrow!

and now, for a few pictures of the ongoing insanity:
the crabapple cyser just before being racked (looks a bit nasty, but smells divine!)
chokecherries (sparse this year, but huge!)

cooked berries hanging for jelly making

mmmm crabapples....

crabs hanging for jelly

that's all for now folks. gotta get back and squeeze my jelly bags (yeah, i know... but my patience is short at best)

i'll update with more pics etc again in a day or two!

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