Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting into the spring of things - what have YOU been doing?

yup, this plant is a lush! heh.

 some newly transplanted lavender

newly planted seeds for myself (and, assuming everything grows, maybe a few to gift!)

My recently planted seeds include: italian parsley, grolau chives, globe basil, good king henry, ground cherries, Anaheim chiles, and a bunch of others. most of them will be kept indoors, excluding the ground cherries. Some may be indoor/outdoor, but my findings last year were that the ones that were taken outdoors grew MUCH slower and more poorly than the plants on my windowsill .

i also whipped up these little puppies: 
what are they? why, felted soap 'stones' of course! 
and before you say 'wtf?' i found the instructions on a blog i was following (no, i don't remember which one, but the directions i used were from Martha ) and thought that it'd be an interesting craft to try. it was! i just used two whole bars (too lazy to do the 'reshaping' step) and some of my bits of not-yet-handspun roving. they exfoliate nicely in the shower/tub when only slightly wet, and make a great lather when sopping. should be useful for camping!

just finished this crochet bag. got the pattern from The Sunroom. it works up quite quickly and is a fun little stash-buster! (not that it actually 'busted' any of my stash... but that's neither here nor there!)

on a more historical note, have been doing a little stone working. Soapstone, to be precise.
I went and bought a 3x3x5" block of stone, and have cut about a third of it up. These bits will all end up looking like the ones above...
What are they, you may ask. Well, these are whorls (weights) for drop spindles. I'm hoping to have them completed and on shafts so that i can start getting used to spinning with the different weights.

And if you say 'drop spindle? hunh?', i point you to this link, because it's quicker than trying to explain (and frankly, i gotta go deal with the kids, rather than blog!)

So what have YOU been doing this spring?


  1. All so inspiring! What have I been doing...? Spending every free moment outside with the kids, teaching my daughter Mia what bulbs are and that not everything is for picking...finally able to run the washing machine off the solar panels alone and writing music for a new kids album. :)

  2. wow lizanne... that's fantastic. that's really commendable. where you 'are' now is where i aspire to be, eventually...

  3. Hi There,

    I love your bag and the colours you used. It's fantastic to see what people create with my patterns. Would it be OK to post a photo of your bag on my blog and I will link back to your blog?

    Thank You

    Aileen :-)

  4. Aileen,
    yes, feel free to use the pictures. permission granted :-D

  5. Hiya again,

    I'm sorry I don't know your name and couldn't find it in your profile but I've now posted the photo of your bag.

    You can find it here.

    Best Wishes,


  6. Thanks Aileen, i saw it when i read through my blog roll :)
    as for my name... well, i like to be a little incognito ;)

    take care!